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The Scent of Chanel’s Beach House…

PL nipped into the Chanel Fragrance & Beauty boutique today and was lucky enough to experience the Espace Parfum (see above – the special scent counter & our purchases!). Our consultant Sam shared with us some fascinating stories behind the individual notes as well as some history behind the evolution of the fragrances.

                                                           (Coco at La Pausa)

One of the fragrances we sampled is named 28 La Pausa from the Les Exclusifs collection. It is named after the vacation home Gabrielle Chanel designed for herself and her lover, the Duke of Westminster. Located on the French Riviera, the home is where the couple entertained royals, politicians and artists. Recently on the market for $50 million, Sam advised us that the Chanel Company has repurchased the property. Another one for the PL travel list!


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