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Hues of Hong Kong

It’s summer in Hong Kong so it’s hot and humid and typically bustling. Fashion is bright and bold this season with colour blocking & vivid patterns in hot pinks, corals, iridescent blue and yellow – often used in unusual combinations.

Salvatore Ferragamo and Marni epitomise this tropical colour trend. In typical PL style, we are so excited to translate this playful approach into some fabulous creations for up and coming projects as well as pieces for the New Beach Road Summer Collection!

But the city itself remains colourful year round, thanks to Chinese customs and beliefs.

Blue-green is a colour which represents nature & renewal as well as vigor and vitality. The Chinese decorate with blue-green to ensure longevity and harmony. It can be seen in Chinese turquoise, buildings, the 8pm light show and, of course, the Star Ferry. PL adores this colour!

Red is an iconic colour associated with happiness, good fortune, beauty and life. Houses are often adorned with something red such as red paper-cuts, lanterns or characters. We admired the red sails of the junk on the harbour, masses of red trinkets at the markets, glowing lanterns and the unmistakable taxi cab…..

Thank you Hong Kong for all your inspiration! We’ll be back! It’s only just winter in Sydney but we are already craving Summer!


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