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Creative Flooring with a Conscience

Check out these AMAZING NEW carpet tiles by flor.

Carpet tiles you say? Dubious?

No longer limited to the commercial market, the old carpet tile has been revitalised.

With a contemporary colour range and sophisticated and fun patterns, carpet tiles are a versatile floor covering for your home – wall to wall or simply a rug. We love the Sohsit-ikat – a design based on the popular Ikat pattern.

From a practicality perspective, they’re right on the money. Damaged or worn sections can be replaced without having to rip up the entire area so they are a perfect solution for kids’ rooms or high traffic areas like hallways.

And Property Lipstick loves their ability to be customised – mix and match and create a design to your own taste and size.

So, reconsider the carpet tile –  fashionable, practical, cost-effective and if that’s not enough, you can have a clear conscience that they’re made from recyclable and renewable materials, and are non-toxic and antimicrobial (inhibiting the growth of nasty mold and bacteria).


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