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Chicago Series: Alison Berger

PL was so excited by Alison Berger’s beautiful lights. It is such an inspiration to see the functionality of light turned into a work of art, whereby light becomes the artist’s medium. Some of PL’s favourites were spotted at the Holly Hunt showroom in Chicago;

We were in awe of the Da Vinci engraved pendant. When the light is on, the handwritten words etched in glass are reflected onto the surrounding walls (see above).

Her works feels both modern and cutting edge, but at the same time evoke an ‘old world’ feeling. The standard lamp above has a modern alien type feel almost reminiscent of one of Louise Bourgeouis’ sculptural pieces. While the pendants below have a vaulted arch outline, conjuring up the mysteriousness of a Loggia in Bologna.

The wall light light above has a jewel like quality. The tiny bubbles are like specks of rain.

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