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Introducing Property Lipstick’s With A Conscience‘ blog – keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest environmentally sustainable interior products.

Sustainable materials are no longer just ‘safe’ products with a limited and bland range and suspiciously weak ‘green’ credentials. Due to regulation and the increasing demand for clean living, manufacturers and suppliers are offering fashionable, clever and effective sustainable furniture and finishes for inclusion into your design….with really no obvious loss in aesthetic quality. The real difference is you can feel better knowing you’re creating a space with lesser environmental / health impacts!

Remember if health is a priority for you (as it is for many of our residential clients and particularly their children), we are happy to advise you on the most appropriate sustainable options and tailor your design accordingly.


Melbourne Encounter: Trend Forecasting with Milou Ket

Milou Ket is a renowned trend forecaster from the Netherlands with an impressive portfolio of clients ranging from Ikea to Volvo.

PL was fortunate enough to hear Milou speak at DesignEx in Melbourne for the launch of her new trendbook.

She touched on some fascinating trends for 2012-2013 in terms of colour, materials and furniture. From dazzling metallic leathers to LED lighting & traditional craftsmanship, interior design is experiencing a barrage of brand new materials yet conversely, a renaissance of the traditional. PL is so excited, as this is surely an indication we are about to embark upon an era of true eclecticism and creativity.

Milou Ket advised that we would see many of the following looks in the up and coming year – her themes of inspiration included:

The ‘naive & romantic’:

  • Furniture decorated with blossoms

  • Old fashioned decorative elements such as roses, birds & botanicals. (See The Country Trader for the below botanical & French screen)

  • White textures, transparent lace and perspex (See below the fabulous installation by Naomi Troski in Melbourne)

The ‘ethnic‘:

  • Turquoise EVERYTHING – walls, doors, fabrics, ornaments….

(Below installation by Elaine Miles)


  • Ethnic inspired decorating with feathers, animal print and the elements from the Silk Road (below images from Sibella Court & Orient House):

  • Adorn a room with travel souvenirs & collectables – maps, drawings, objects…

  •  Course and handcrafted fabrics including Bazaar rugs which have a recycled, patchwork effect. Check out a wonderful selection of vintage styled rugs from Loom:


The ‘bright colourama’:

  • Optimistic colour palette, geometric, lacquer, LED lighting:

  • South American influence with dark floor, bright walls:

  • Tropical design with relaxed interiors featuring rattan weave baskets:
  • Recycled paper bowls from Gaiam:
  • Bold striped fabric  – amazing range available from Ici et la:



Melbourne Encounter: Erika Wakerly

PL loves traditional wallpapers – those with an oriental influence for glamour and the versatility and texture of seagrass.

At DesignEx this year, we learnt that advancements in technology as well as experimental young designers are helping to push the boundaries with wallpaper design and its’ application.

Erika Wakerly is a young textile designer with a Masters in Printed Textiles from the Royal College of Art and a background in illustration and design. The Selvedge Group are distributors of her collection.

She predominantly uses white and metallic colours in these designs, which is cleverly monochromatic while still reflecting the other colours of the room:

Post-it wallpaper, crossword puzzle wallpaper, sound sensitive wallpaper…..check out an AMAZING range of clever wallpapers at DESIGNBOOM.


Melbourne Encounter: Abigail Ahern

PL were fortunate enough to witness Abigail Ahern‘s presentation, ‘Creating Feeling & Emotion in an Interior‘ at Design Ex 2011.

The London based designer spoke of bringing Glamour, Ecclecticism & Wit to her projects by designing with ATTITUDE.

We love the emotive, surprising elements in her designs – a shock of colour with this PINK lacquered table or playing with scale by using an oversized chandelier:

As she says, ‘sometimes you find nothing matches, but it all makes sense’…..we couldn’t agree more!

Those details and embellishments…..well, Abigail says those last few layers are often the most important; like icing on the cake……

One final lesson: don’t take yourself OR your interior too seriously! Elements of irreverence make you feel good – check out these gorgeous animal


Chicago Series: Ty Best, CASTE

PL were also thrilled to meet Ty Best, a sincerely personable and talented industrial designer at Caste, which produces a range of unusual, organically shaped metal furniture distributed by Holly Hunt.

His coffee tables, side tables, trays and lighting reflect his primary inspiration – the natural, outback surrounds of his home in Montana. But these pieces are not rough and unrefined as you would expect from a rural muse: they are understated, fine detailed and with surprisingly quirky proportions! Not only are these pieces artworks in their own right, they work in beautifully and harmoniously with a range of furniture styles. Check out these impressive pieces:


Our journey begins …

Property Lipstick recently visited Chicago and New York for the annual Neocon World Trade Fair  and to keep abreast of current design trends, new products and for inspirational ideas for our consulting practice.

We have been busy! At DesignEx 2011 in Melbourne we attended some fascinating seminars. Keep posted for our blogs featuring up and coming trends in colours and styles, profiles of some fabulous American and UK designers, and other interesting tidbits….

We will also be sourcing special pieces for our debut homewares range available through our exciting new label –  New Beach Road. Until the e-shop’s launch later this year, we will be featuring special pieces on our blog and at



Does it feel like the world is just full of endless mass produced cookie cutter items?

Property Lipstick supports the philosophy that, “the ultimate luxury is having a bespoke product created especially for you,” Anya Hindmarch.

Property Lipstick embraces individualism and custom design. Our clients appreciate tailored, quality pieces whether it is a sofa, scatter cushion or a lamp.

Combine our made-to-order homewares with a unique vintage find or a special antique treasure and the result is one which is chic but still reflects your personal style. Property Lipstick’s strength is in creating for our clients’ a collective, layered and interesting space achieved by the deliberate combinations of textures and details.

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