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Loving Library Wallpapers

PL loves the colour and character books give to a room. But for rooms short on space, or for those of us without such an extensive literary collection, bookshelves may not be an option. Fortunately, there are an amazing range of book wallpapers to choose from.

These are some of our favourites:

Mr Perswall’s ‘Library Colourful Knowledge’

Tracy Kendall

Young & Battaglia for Mineheart

Abigail Ahern

Andrew Martin



Decorating with Neon!

1. Contrast with neutrals:

We can all appreciate the effect of neon lights gleaming against the night sky – evoking feelings of excitement, celebration and energy! Similarly, neon colours can look amazing in an interior application contrasting against a dark backdrop like a subdued charcoal wall. PL suggests choosing one neon colour for impact rather than trying to incorporate all of the colours – if you have a neutral greyish interior, then fluoro yellow or hot pink would work well.

2. Accessorize:

Then it’s all about choosing how to apply the neon colour. We have all seen neon used in the latest fashion trends. Instead of buying an entire new wardrobe in the latest style, we often select accessories to reflect that current trend and incorporate them into our staple wardrobes saving the expense of replacing our entire outfit when that trend ends. Similarly, the key to introducing neon into your interior is to be smart and be selective and think ACCESSORIES – we covet Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s laser acrylic trays in neon pink (see below centre) placed upon a coffee tables or an ottomans – why not add a little colour to cocktail hour!

Cushions, picture frames, lamps, vases, jugs, wall art, bath towels, a side table, coffee table or stools are all pieces that can be easily and inexpensively replaced when your taste or trends change.

3. Feature Paint Effects:

Try a modern take on the red front door! Another effective way of making an impact with neon is by painting a door in an unexpected colour – imagine a front door painted a gloss neon yellow, lime or pink! Make it a real FOCUS.

Or, how about painting external window shutters a neon colour – embellishing an otherwise simple and plain exterior.

Of course, keep in mind rules of application with neutrals….

4. Plants:

Think Greek Islands – cascading pink Bougainvillea against stark white buildings or simply bright yellow poppies in a slick and pristine kitchen. It’s all about injecting a pop of colour and unpredictability.

5. Quirky combinations of old with new:

What about cute fluoro door knobs on an old chest of drawers – juxtaposing a modern bold element with traditional charm. Don’t know what to do with that old timber chair or other piece of furniture which is looking a bit dated – why not give it a coat of glossy paint or reupholster it in a bold fabric and voila – a new lease of life!

You are also doing your bit for the environment by prolonging it’s service life and reducing landfill!

6. Home Office:

The office really is a natural environment for neon colours – think of all those fluoro highlighters, psychedelic post-it stickers and outrageous office supplies!

We think desk accessories in a neon colour can really make your work area pop in a chic way – and you can afford to play and have fun in these areas.

Bold A4 folders or storage boxes stacked against a white shelving unit; industrial hot pink desk lamp or a bright desk chair can all make your office a fun and inspirational place to work.


Hues of Hong Kong

It’s summer in Hong Kong so it’s hot and humid and typically bustling. Fashion is bright and bold this season with colour blocking & vivid patterns in hot pinks, corals, iridescent blue and yellow – often used in unusual combinations.

Salvatore Ferragamo and Marni epitomise this tropical colour trend. In typical PL style, we are so excited to translate this playful approach into some fabulous creations for up and coming projects as well as pieces for the New Beach Road Summer Collection!

But the city itself remains colourful year round, thanks to Chinese customs and beliefs.

Blue-green is a colour which represents nature & renewal as well as vigor and vitality. The Chinese decorate with blue-green to ensure longevity and harmony. It can be seen in Chinese turquoise, buildings, the 8pm light show and, of course, the Star Ferry. PL adores this colour!

Red is an iconic colour associated with happiness, good fortune, beauty and life. Houses are often adorned with something red such as red paper-cuts, lanterns or characters. We admired the red sails of the junk on the harbour, masses of red trinkets at the markets, glowing lanterns and the unmistakable taxi cab…..

Thank you Hong Kong for all your inspiration! We’ll be back! It’s only just winter in Sydney but we are already craving Summer!


Bowral in Autumn…

PL spent a lovely weekend in Bowral. Although it was a chilly 8 degrees, we kept warm sheltering in various homeware stores and restaurants like Biota Dining – highly recommended for Sunday brunch followed by a walk around the Produce Markets.

Aside from the restaurant’s warm, yet subdued interiors featuring materials like raw timber and zinc, there were some really special features. The intricate iron entrance light by Thomas Bucich (above) and green pendant shades above the communal tables (below); the fireplaces both inside and out offer cosy places to sit whilst savouring the beautifully presented food and admiring the striking artwork. PL adores this Rooster series (oil on linen) by Craig Waddell.

Walking around the beautiful gardens after breakfast, we sampled some delicious produce – breads, wines, sweets, hazelnuts to name a few. However the resident pair of geese, named Foie and Gras kept everyone on their toes!

It was a tough decision to choose from all that was on offer, but we went home with dangerous ‘Addiction’ chocolate nut brittle and an array of  jams, chutneys and verjus from Sally Beresford’s Mount Ashby Vineyard & Cellar.

Thank you to Sarah and Will @ Bowral Removals for hosting a fantastic weekend!


Seaside Style, Harbourside Style….

Rushcutter’s Bay, Gordon’s Bay, Coogee Beach…..

How to bring that seaside/harbourside style to your home?

Ralph Lauren offer an amazing range of Nautical inspired fabrics, perfect for living rooms – cushions, lounges or even children’s rooms:

(Contact for details)

Check out these inexpensive finds available at Sydney Antique Centre:

(Left to right)

Wooden Model Sailing Boat $280;  Small wooden boat $38;  Blue Paddle $35


The Scent of Chanel’s Beach House…

PL nipped into the Chanel Fragrance & Beauty boutique today and was lucky enough to experience the Espace Parfum (see above – the special scent counter & our purchases!). Our consultant Sam shared with us some fascinating stories behind the individual notes as well as some history behind the evolution of the fragrances.

                                                           (Coco at La Pausa)

One of the fragrances we sampled is named 28 La Pausa from the Les Exclusifs collection. It is named after the vacation home Gabrielle Chanel designed for herself and her lover, the Duke of Westminster. Located on the French Riviera, the home is where the couple entertained royals, politicians and artists. Recently on the market for $50 million, Sam advised us that the Chanel Company has repurchased the property. Another one for the PL travel list!


The Tailored Chair

PL Loves fashion AND superbly detailed upholstery. And these chairs offer the best of both worlds:

This blazer from Balmain translates beautifully into the Blazer Chair from Brooks Brothers.

A clean cut RL striped shirt transforms an ordinary armchair into a quirky signature piece at Joe Black the Tailor in Melbourne (designed by Hecker Phelan Guthrie):

Coming soon – New Beach Road Homewares range of bespoke preppy furniture!


Blooms & Botanicals

Floral artworks can be found in various medium – paintings, aubusson tapestry patterns, wallpaper prints & botanicals to name a few.  These pieces look divine in bedrooms, breakfast rooms, powder rooms and even living rooms. We love the romanticism & detail of the below artworks – many of which are available from Property Lipstick. Please email us with any enquiries to



Short on time? PL offers e-Design Consultations

Property Lipstick now offers e-consulting, an efficient & cost-effective way of seeking professional design advice.

More information is available online at

Keep in mind our e-consultations are also a wonderful gift idea – purchase vouchers for Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings…even Mother’s Day!


Creative Flooring with a Conscience

Check out these AMAZING NEW carpet tiles by flor.

Carpet tiles you say? Dubious?

No longer limited to the commercial market, the old carpet tile has been revitalised.

With a contemporary colour range and sophisticated and fun patterns, carpet tiles are a versatile floor covering for your home – wall to wall or simply a rug. We love the Sohsit-ikat – a design based on the popular Ikat pattern.

From a practicality perspective, they’re right on the money. Damaged or worn sections can be replaced without having to rip up the entire area so they are a perfect solution for kids’ rooms or high traffic areas like hallways.

And Property Lipstick loves their ability to be customised – mix and match and create a design to your own taste and size.

So, reconsider the carpet tile –  fashionable, practical, cost-effective and if that’s not enough, you can have a clear conscience that they’re made from recyclable and renewable materials, and are non-toxic and antimicrobial (inhibiting the growth of nasty mold and bacteria).

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