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Property Lipstick

Our professional services can be customised to suit a range of residential or commercial properties


We believe the space you inhabit shapes how you feel and live. Property Lipstick is a capable team with a wonderful group of suppliers at our disposal; our aim is to create a bespoke interior for you – throughout all phases of your life.

Our decorating and design advice includes concept development, space planning, furniture layouts, colour schemes for both interior and exterior and the specification of architectural and building products.


At Property Lipstick, we keep up to date with the latest range of eco-friendly, recycled and organic materials that can be used during the course of your renovation. If you have a family member with a health problem – for example, an asthmatic child – a healthy environment is a must. If sustainable living is important to you, we would be more than happy to incorporate this into your property’s transformation.


Need help with decorating? If you don’t have the time or inclination to meet with a designer, or are just looking for a quick fix to a design problem, we can help you with our personal on-line consulting services.

Step 1. Select and purchase a service package that best suits your requirements and budget.

Step 2. Tell us about you! Fill out our written client survey and visual style guide with your individual tastes and preferences.

Step 3. Email us information on the room(s) in question including dimensions & photos and outline the pieces of furniture you wish to retain and those you wish to change.

Note: Please allow 7 business days for PL to create your bespoke design (including floor plan(s), furniture layout(s) / selections and any supplier details).


Our experience will guarantee that your project, whatever the size, is handled in a highly professionally manner.

We stay on brief, give you a detailed rationale for our suggestions, provide you with alternative options and then engage specialist suppliers to deliver a premium result.

Property Lipstick is often asked to consult with builders, architects or developers in the design and construction phases of a project. We act as the team leader on the building / renovation project where we are responsible for co-ordinating the relevant trades, management of the interiors budget, works schedule and the project timeline. We oversee quality control and help to ensure no details within the interior design domain are overlooked.


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